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1.1 The organiser of THE BAT RALLYE is Good Time SRL, Romanian legal entity and Official Partner of BMW Motorrad

Headquarters: Soseaua Alba Iulia 59, code 550052, Sibiu, Romania

1.2 THE BAT RALLYE is an annual regularity competition event for classic air-cooled motorcycles.

1.3 Regularity events, also known as TSD events (Time Speed Distance), are a form of motor sport usually conducted on public roads but sometimes including roads on private estates. The object of these rallies is to maintain precise times, average speeds and routes on various segments of an overall predefined route as well as to complete road sections based on pre‐set times to cover link sections (time controls). Unlike the well known ‘special stage rallying’ (which is commonly just called rallying), regularity rallying does not depend on the abilities of the driver at high speed nor does it depend on the speed that vehicles can achieve. A regularity rally focuses more on the rider / crews abilities to maintain precise speeds, times and navigation. These events are of a touring character with elements of cultural interest in which the highest speed or shortest time is not a deciding factor. On roads entirely or partly open to normal traffic, the average speed shall not exceed 50kph or the maximum speeds authorized by the governmental authorities of the countries concerned for such automobile events.

1.4 THE BAT RALLYE event will take place in compliance with the regulations of FIVA regularity events, being part of the present Rally Guide, and the event Supplementary Regulation.

1.5 The Organizer will provide a package of all inclusive services for riders and crews during the event. The content of all inclusive package and supplementary services like motorcycle transfer to Romania are detailed on the webpage.

1.6 THE BAT RALLYE EVENT consists of a Prologue in the city center of Sibiu and three days in the Romanian mountains, villages and side roads.

1.7 In THE BAT RALLYE event two distinct categories will be constituted,
named Classic Regularity and Sport Regularity. The difference between
the two categories being the average speed imposed on TR (Regularity Test) and the difficulty of the routes approached. At the Sport Regularity class the speeds can reach up to 80km/h and at Classic Regularity they are below 50km/h. However, for the assignment of the points for the overall ranking of the rally, a single common ranking between the two classes will be established according to the competitors’ penalty points.

1.8 By entering the competition, the participants accept the provisions of the present Rally Guide and the Supplementary Regulations of THE BAT RALLYE.

1.9 During the rally the rider / crew has to wear motorcycle helmet and protective riding gear.


3.1 At THE BAT RALLYE event are allowed only air-cooled classic motorcycles manufactured until 1994 December 31st, which will compete in two distinct categories.

3.2 The Technical Commission of the event may refuse the participation of motorcycles that do not correspond technically or have non-conforming modifications. Depending on the year of manufacture, riding skills and motorcycle preparation the motorcycles owners will compete in following categories:

  • CLASSIC REGULARITY – motorcycles manufactured until 1980 December 31st. In this category are allowed also sidecar motorcycles.
  •  SPORT REGULARITY – motorcycles manufactured until 1994 December 31st – recommended to be prepared for off-road terrain. (example BMW HPN models)

3.3 The BMW Motorrad Classic Trophy is set up for all BMW air-cooled motorcycle models entitled to participate in THE BAT RALLYE event.

3.4 At THE BAT RALLYE event may participate, in the RALLY RAID category, apart from the ranking of the rally, air-cooled motorcycles whose riders do not wish to be classified. In the RALLY RAID category are accepted air cooled motorcycles with no year limit fabrication restrictions (ex. BMW R NineT models)


2.1 Regulations of the event: Official written document issued by the Organizer with the object of laying down the details of, and rules applying to, the event.

2.2 Crew A crew is normally made up of two persons.

2.3 Day: Each part of the event, separated by an overnight halt.

2.4 Leg Each part of the event:

– between the start of the event or day and the first regrouping/rest halt.

– between two successive regroupings / rest halts.

– between the last regrouping/rest halt and the end of a day or finish of the event.

2.5 Section Part of the route between two successive Time Controls.

2.6 Neutralization Time during which riders / crews are stopped by the Organizer for whatever reason.

2.7 Regrouping A stop foreseen by the Organizer to enable the time schedule to be followed and/or regrouping of the vehicles still in the event. The stopped time may vary from crew to crew.

2.8 Bulletin Official written communication to modify or complete the Regulations of the event. Bulletins must have been approved by the organizing committee before the start of the event or by the Clerk of the Course during the event.

2.9 Route bulletin Official written communication to modify or complete the road book or time schedule of the event.

2.10 Time Control Card A card or booklet (with or without an electronic device) intended for entry of times recorded at the different control points scheduled on the route.

2.11 Passage Control Card A card or booklet intended for stamps or records of the different Passage Controls on the route. This may, or may not, be combined with the Time Control Card.


4.1 The RIDER is a solo motorcyclist riding one motorcycle.

4.2 The CREW consists in rider and possibly passengers, within the limits of the places provided in the vehicle identity card (C.I.V.) and by the Supplementary Regulation.

4.3 CREWS are allowed to participate ONLY in the CLASSIC REGULARITY category!

4.4 During the event, the crewmembers, respectively the rider and the passenger, can drive the motorcycle if both have valid driving license for the respective type of vehicle.

4.5 In THE BAT RALLYE riders / crews participating in event can form a Team. Each team may consist of 3-5 riders / crews, and at the classification of the teams the three consisting crews with the fewest penalty points will be awarded. A fee of 300 € is charged by the organizer for the registration of the Team.


5.1 The registration represents the express intention of the rider / crew to start, and at the same time to assume the observance of this Rally Guide, the Supplementary Regulation, as well as of any other rules imposed by the organizer.

5.2 The registration itself does not represent the right to take part in the event; the organizer reserves the right to refuse a registration without any reasoning in advance. The organizer can decide a registration deadline, as well as the maximum number of participants. Pilots / crews that are on the official starting list, become officially registered crews. The official list and the starting order are drawn up by the organizer after the expiry of the registration deadline and will be displayed at the starting point and published on the event organizer’s website

5.3 The entry fee for The bat Rallye Transilvania for RIDERS and CREW members, accompanying persons and friends are listed on the website ( Validation of entries will be done after the payment of the participation fee

5.3.1 Before the start, the organizer will provide to the participants in the CLASSIC REGURARITY and SPORT REGULARITY categories following


  •  Particular (Supplementary) Regulation
  •  Road Book with route map
  •  Time Card
  •  Competition number
  •  The official plate of the event and the stickers of sponsors and partners.

5.3.2 Before the start, the organizer will provide to the participants in theRALLY RAID category following documents:

  •  Route map
  •  The official plate of the event

5.4 The registration period for THE BAT RALLYE is mentioned in the Supplementary Regulation.

5.5 Dressing code: the participants are obliged to wear decent clothing and to avoid inadequate clothing. For riders it is recommended to wear the classic outfits, according to the type and period of the used motorcycle. The motorsport outfits of the years the motorcycles originate from are accepted (overalls, drivers’ jackets, helmets, glasses – goggles, gloves, etc.)

5.6 The participating historical vehicles must be: motorcycles or sidecar motorcycles manufactured until 1994 December 31st, powered by air-cooled engines, fitted with tires that allow access on forests, single tracks or dirt roads. (SCRAMBLE RALLYE)

5.7 Following documents / items are mandatory to start THE BAT RALLYE: 

a. Participants must be in the possession of a valid driving licence.

b. Fully registered, road legal motorcycle

c. Valid technical inspection (ITP)

d. Valid insurance for the motorcycle and rider.

e. Clean, standard license plates on the motorcycle

f. If the driver is not the owner, he/she needs the written permission from the owner to use/drive the vehicle.

g. Passengers are not required to possess a driving licence unless they are required to drive.

h. Protective carpet / foil under the motorcycle in Parc Fermé

  •  Points 5.7 a, b, c, d, e, f are mandatory.


6.1 The riders / crews will receive a road book that contains the exact route of the event, the place of the event, the data and information needed to complete the stages.

6.2 During the event, any deviation from the imposed route, which shortens the route, will result in the exclusion from the event or the penalty with minutes according to the Supplementary Regulation.

6.3 Any modification of the Road book will be notified to the crews prior to the start.

6.4 The Road Book is distributed at least 15 minutes before the official start or during the administrative control.


7.1 The TIME CONTROL CARD must be suitable for all time controls and must be issued at least for each section. The Organizer may make use of an electronic time card. A Marshal is the only person allowed to make time entries on the time card except where self-start regularities are used. The control card must be suitable for the entries, which have to be made by the crew, where unmanned passage controls are used along the route. The absence of a stamp, signature from a control, time entry, entry of an unmanned control or failure to hand in the time card at each control will result in a penalty. Each crew is responsible for its control card and the accuracy of the entries therein when submitting the control card for checking at controls indicated for such purpose.

7.2 All the distances will be measured in kilometers

7.3 The failure to present, modify, or lack of punctuality in one of the arbitration stations shall attract minutes or penalty points according to the particular regulation of the event or exclusion from the event in case of loss of the logbook.



8.1.1 THE BAT RALLYE event is organized on public roads and shall be conducted in compliance with all the rules of the Road Code. Any deviation from the Road Code, sanctioned by the Police or notified by the referees of the rally, brings the exclusion from the competition. Time controls, manned passage controls, start and end of regularity sections will be indicated by means of appropriate signboards. Unmanned passage controls will be indicated by any other means as specified in the Supplementary Regulations of the event. An area of 25 meters radius around the control will be regarded as the control zone. Controls will be ready to function at least 15 minutes before the due passage time of the first participant. Unless the Clerk of the Course decides otherwise, controls will be closed 30 minutes after the due time of the last participant. At any control, participants must check-in in the correct order and direction of the route. Penalties for infringements are specified in the Supplementary Regulations of the event. Participants must follow the instructions of the control post marshal. In the event of one or more controls being cancelled for whatever reason before the passage of the first participant or after the passage of a number of participants, it is up to the Clerk of the Course to decide on an appropriate course of action.

8.1.2 Passage controls (PC) At manned passage controls, the Marshal must stamp and/or sign the control card without mentioning the time of the passage. At un-manned controls, the participants must simply stamp or write the characters of the control on the control card themselves. The penalty for missing a passage control will be specified in the Supplementary Regulations of the event.

8.1.3 Time controls (TC) The check-in procedure begins when the vehicle and the rider / crew enter the control zone. The check-in time shall correspond to the moment at which the rider / crew hands their control card to the Marshal. Penalties for early or late arrival or missing a control will be specified in the Supplementary Regulations of the event. It is not allowed to make up lost time in Neutral or short distance sections. Penalties for missing a time control will be specified in the Supplementary Regulations of the event. Riders/ crews may check-in early without any penalty at the last time control of a day or Event subject to any limitations specified in the Regulations. Missing the last time control of the event will result in a penalty up to and including exclusion from the event.

8.1.4 Maximum permitted lateness Any lateness exceeding a time mentioned, usually 30 minutes, on the due passage time of the rider / crew at any control will be regarded as missing the control.

8.1.5 Regrouping controls On arrival at a regrouping control, riders / crews must hand in their control card and they will receive instructions about their re-start.

8.2 Regularity sections Regularity sections will be organized on roads open to public traffic. Riders / Crews must complete Regularity sections at average speeds which have been set by the Organizer. The average speed on a regularity section may vary. The organizer may set up intermediate timing points along the route The organizer will specify the organization and running of regularity sections in the Supplementary Regulations of the event. Details concerning the penalties for driving above or below the set average time will be mentioned in the Supplementary Regulations of the event.

8.2.1 Closed Regularity sections Closed regularity sections can be organized on areas closed for all other traffic. Details concerning the running of the section and the penalties for driving above or below the set time will be specified in the Supplementary Regulations of the event.

8.2.2 Navigation systems Organizers must give detailed descriptions of the navigation systems to be used during the event in the Supplementary Regulations.

8.3 Reconnaissance Any kind of reconnaissance of the route of the event before the start or during the event by the crew or any other person related to the crew is prohibited.

Offences will be penalized by:

a. not permitting any culprit to start the event or

b. exclusion during the event.

8.4 The participants must respect the instructions of the referees.

8.5 The classification of pilots / crews will be done after the times and penalties recorded.

8.6 One motorcycle registered in the competition can be driven, during the event, only by two accepted riders if they are registered as a crew. The riders must have a valid motorcycle-driving license.

8.7 The route and time plan are planned to be driven without penalties or delays by all types of historic vehicles, regardless of the year of manufacture.

8.8 Start – Restart Before the start the crews receive the official documents of the rally. Before the start of the event, the Organizer may assemble all competing vehicles in a waiting area in order to improve the promotional and media interest. Details will be mentioned in the Supplementary Regulations of the event. The starting order is made according to the year of manufacture, the older vehicles having priority. The Organizer shall schedule the starts of the vehicles in conformity with the start list and at an interval at least 30 seconds. If a crew reports after his due start time at he start of the event, then the crew will be penalized.

! Restart – The starting order for the 2nd day or thereafter shall be left to the discretion of the Organizer.

8.9 Service – Assistance Repairs and refueling are permitted throughout the entire event by the riders / crew members. Any kind of help during the event organized by the participant prior to the event is not permitted.

8.10 The Parc Fermé is the final point of the day stages.

8.11 In case of retirement, the pilot / crew is obliged to announce (by telephone or verbal) the organizer and to hand over the Time Card to an official of the event or to a referee.

8.12 The organizer is obliged to display and inform the pilot / crew the official time.

8.13 The organizer may decide to cancel / neutralize the stage or modify the route in unforeseen cases as: natural phenomena, blocked roads, accidents, change of road signs, road book errors, etc.


9.1  To establish the ranking of  THE BAT RALLYE, a minimum number of 10 historical vehicles registered at the beginning of the event are required. At least 3 historical vehicles must be registered for each category in order tobe constituted; otherwise the respective category will be integrated into the next category.


10.1 Participants will only be taken into account for the final classifications if they cross the finish of the event with the entered vehicle running under its own power

10.2 The results will be established by adding together the penalties incurred on the route with all other penalties. Penalties may be expressed in time or penalty points. The following results may be published during the event:

  • Provisional results: published at the end of a leg or day
  • Provisional final results: published at the end of the event
  • Official final results: published after the resolution of any queries/protests and approval of the Organizer The time when the final results will be published, amended as necessary, will be posted on the official notice board.

10.3 The Organizer will publish in the Supplementary Regulations how any ties are to be resolved. E.g Furthest cleanest, smallest engine capacity etc.


11.1 The general rankings, by categories, by teams and by the BMW Motorrad Classic Trophy, within each event will be made based on the following scoring schemes:

1st place: 20 points

2nd place: 15 points

3rd place: 12 points

4th place: 10 points

5th place: 8 points

6th place: 6 points

7th place: 4 points

8th place: 3 points

9th place: 2 points

10th place: 1 point.


12.1. QUERIES – The provisional results are subject to query for a period of 30 minutes after posting of them on the official notice board. Any query must be handed to the Competitor Liaison Officer or directly to the Clerk of the Course. The Clerk of the Course will study the query and will make a decision. If the complainant is not satisfied, he/she has the right to protest.

12.2. PROTESTS Any written protest must be lodged by one single participant and may be lodged against one single participant or against the Organizer. The lodging of a protest must be done in accordance with the Event Regulations. Any protest must be handed with the protest fee to the Clerk of the Course within 30 minutes after posting of the provisional results, at the latest. The Supplementary Regulations of the event shall contain information on the protest fee. If the complainant is not satisfied, he/she has the right to appeal.

12.3. APPEALS Should the complainant still not be satisfied he/she has the right, at no extra fee, to appeal to the FIVA, or Panel of Stewards whose verdict is final. Should the protest be successful, the protest fee will be returned.


13.1 The contestants have the obligation to label their motorcycles with advertising material provided by the Organizers as well as the plates of the rally with their competition number

13.2 During the rally the Organizer and any other legal or private entity, delegated by the Organizer, can take photos, make videos or audio materials during the rally about the participants. As far as these materials are concerned, the members of crew and participants cannot have any claims towards the Organizers or lawful user of these recordings.


14.1 The Organizer assumes no responsibility for any damages or accidents that may have occurred during THE BAT RALLYE event.

14.2 Participation in this rally does not imply or justify the deviation from the rules of the Road Code, each rider / crew being responsible for his actions according to the laws in force.

14.3 Insurance of the rider / crew Participants must have a valid insurance covering them and their vehicle for road use for the duration of the event.

14.4 Indemnity declaration Before the start of the event the participants must sign the entry form and an indemnity declaration form:

For example: I have been given the opportunity to read the regulations of the event and agree to be bound by them. I declare that I am physically and mentally fit to take part in the event and I am competent to do so. I acknowledge that I understand the nature and the type of the event and the potential risk and agree to accept that risk. I declare that to the best of my belief the driver(s) possess(es) the standard of competence necessary for an event of the type to which this entry relates and that the vehicle hereby entered is suitable and roadworthy for the event and that it is in conformity with the traffic laws and regulations for the use on public roads. I declare that the use of the vehicle entered will be covered by insurance as required by the law of the crossed country (countries). I declare that I am in the possession of a valid driving licence.


15.1 During each event, any legal persons may take, with the permission of the organizer, photographic, video, audio material about the participants and the participating vehicles. Crew members or other participants can not claim the organizer or the legal users of the recordings.

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